​66th Bishop  

In Memorium Adam Sanford – 1959 – 2018. 

Adam Sanford lived a life in service to others. As a supporter and institution to our sport, he was that and more to the many lives he touched. For Adam it did not start nor end with the sound of the gun. When the races were over, the medals, awards, trophies and accolades given, his tireless efforts continued. When the oval was quiet, the stadiums seats emptied Adam was checking in: phone, text, email, visit whatever it took to determine that you, I, we were good; that you weren’t just a hip tag, a bib number, an official, Adam let you know that you meant something—that you mattered. There was a genuine care, for the sport, for its participants, for those that facilitated the events. It culminated to his extended family. 

His service was vast; his mentorship great. He served as Co-Meet Director of the Bishop Loughlin Games; President of both the USATF NY Officials Association and the PSAL Officials Association; Assistant Director of the Manhattan Invitational, supporter of the New Balance Indoor Nationals and many other storied and area events. 

It is an honor for the Bishop Loughlin Games to take a moment in Memorium of the Former Co-Meet Director, supporter, friend, and mentor. Adam Sanford, the bell has rung—the race is done. For us we have all won for having known and experienced all that you brought to our lives.

Thank you for the blessings. Thank you for the joy. Thank you for the support. Thank you for being all that you were from all who you’ve touched.

Loughlin Games